Florence ( Firenze) at sunset. Taken fromPiazzale Michelangeloin the hillside above the town. Click to visit my blog.Greg's Italy Blog Italy Travel Info


Ponte Vecchio Frienze : The Old Bridge, Firenze

Venice Canal


This is my web site about Italy. My wife Angela and I have visited Italy 10 times. The last eight we did it on our own with out the benefits of a tour. Contact me at greg@gregsitaly.com Go to the new blog at gregsitaly.blog

We are very open in our planning. What ever hits our fancy we explore. Beaches are a must and help break up the sightseeing.

The most important item we have found when touring Italy is to meet and talk with the people. Learning a little Italian goes a very long way. You can get by in English in most areas, but in portions of Calabria, and Sicily you may be in for a surprise.

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