Another Update

We have signed up for the Melilli trip in late April 2014. This will necessitate fiding air fare from Miami to Catania, IT. Not the easiest thing to do so far in advance. Have found fares from $1300-1700 depending upon travel times.

I see many connections which have a 24-32 hr layover. If his is in a great city to visit, we make take advantage of it. I will let you know just how we progress in the next several months.

I have to get back to studying my Italian now. Reading Dan Browns "Inferno" which takes place in Florence, has given me some practice. He uses many Italian words and phrases to keep me working to translate them.

Once again I recommend the web site

This isa great way to become familiar with the language and be able to order from a menu, use an ATM, and learn a little more about Italian customs.

Below, Antipasti in Catania


Greg Speck 2016