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In Italy, It is all about the food. ALWAYS

My love affair with Italy began and continues with he the food. Local produce does not travel 3000 miles from California to the East Coast. Wines with out sulfites. Aromas that come from alleys which have hidden gems of restaurants . Most of the photos below were taken in Sicily. Each region has their own specialties.

DSC_0138 - Version 2

The market in Catania


Breakfast in Ericie, simple and good.


Antipasti in Catania


Malavasia, from Sicily. Almost impossible to find in the US, a great wine my wife fell in love with.


Fresh fish in Catania.


Cookies amazing. From a shop in Erice, Sicily.


Pasta alla Norma.


Ikea Beer!!!! No kidding, we found this in the Ikea store in Catania, Sicily. Also a great inexpensive place for lunch.


Home cooked meal in Melilli with my wifes family.


Limoncelloin the raw, Calabria

Pasta con pesto.


A food truck with local specialties in Melilli. It is heavenly because it is in front of the church.


St Sebastian Church, Melilli it keeps watch over the food truck.

Headed to Sicily, Melilli

Melilli, Sicily from Apple Maps

Melilli Sicily

It is now less than two months to our trip to Sicily, and Melilli. The weather is getting warmer, and it should be in the mid 70s when we arrive on April 26th. We are flying from Miami to Rome, and getting a connection to Catania in Sicily. Then its get on the bus. Fortysix people have signed up for this tour.

This is our first guided tour ( visita guidata ) since 1998 we have always been on our own, but we will be among many friends from Middletown CT and the sorounding area. Can not wait.


St Sebastian Church, Melilli


A wedding at St Sebastian


The park where my wife met her relatives. Cool, clean, and a great place to sit and see the people stroll by.

Greg Speck 2016