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Guidare in Italia Driving In Italy

Driving in Italy can be as easy as going down a country road or feeling you are in an animated video game with shooters on all sides.


Glad I had some tape when an oversealous drive took his lane and my lane in Palermo.


Just follow your GPS, no problems.


Parking, no problem. Where ever you may find some roomn.

IMG_1140 - Version 2

Getting close to you new friends in Sicily. Just outside of Agrigento. To save time and worry, the driver brought us to her uncles ( zio) autobody shop where he compound out the scratches on our rental car. Way to go!

P1010734 - Version 2

Typical auto parked in Siracusa, Sicily.


Save money, never wash your car.


At least there is IKEA, with large free parking lots.


Park in the IKEA lot, under solar panels which generate electricity and keep your car a little cooler

Here are some driving hints for driving in Italy.

Click above to go to an article in the Guardian. Some of the article pretains to UK citizens but most ideaswill work for all/

Waiting, Erice, Sicily

DSC_0463 - Version 3

Three out of the four have canes. Considering this town is hilly to say the least, it makes for some intteresting walking.


The fog tolls in to Erice, high above the sea below, it is like being in San Fransisco.


The bell tower high in the clouds in the previous photo. now the sun is shining on it.


The coblestone streets of Ericie. Notice the car in the background trying to make its way through the crowd.

Greg Speck 2016