Getting Ready To Go

We are fast approaching out 11th trip to Italy, in this case Sicily. Packing for us has always been a chore. How much, how little. We know if we forgot something, usualy you can buy it in Italy. I bring two pairs of slacks, 1 pair of shorts, 4 washable undershorts, and 4 - 5 shirts, one is longsleeve. We keep our packing to 1 small suitcase each.


My problem is theelectronics. We bring two Ipads, two IPhones, one SLR, one Mini Camera, and a Canon Camcorder. Add the adapters, cords, plugs, etc and I have a lot. But those photos and videos would not be possible with out all this stuff.

Below, Etna lava flow at twilight from Taormina.


Below up close, the constant bellowing of smoke from Etna.


Mt Etna, day and night.

Greg Speck 2016