Inferno The Movie Locations In Florence and Venice, Italy

The Inferno was shot in Florence and Venice and some other locations. Here are some of the publicity photos along witth my photos of the scene locations. The movie was not the greatest, but the scenery was. Tom Hanks and Felecity Jones were able to salvage enough to make it interesting.

IMG 1136.jpg

Tom Hanks andFelicithy Jones in Florence, Italy in still from the inferno.

IMG 1138.jpg

Screen shots of the Babtistry in Florence


The Babtistry from Giottos Campanile


Ponte Vecchio Florence


Duomo Florence


Palazzo Vecchio, Florence


Palazzo Vecchio, Florence


Who would fall thtrouh the ceiling at Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

IMG 1133.jpg

She did not make a good impression on landing. Screen shot from the film.


Remember the question that he asked about the horses? St Marks , Venice Italy

DSC 2565.jpg

What about the horses heads? From the book: “I’ve got it,” Sienna said, taking his phone. “I’ll run a search for Venetian doges, cross-referenced with headless horses and the bones of the blind.” She began typing rapidly on the tiny keyboard.

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DSC 2649.jpg

St Marks, Vencie Italy

Greg Speck 2016