Navigating Around Italy

On our first trip to Italy where we were on own, we had a map. It was a big map. If you tried to unfold it in the car, you could not see out the window. Then we got plastic regional maps. these were better. But on thing always stuck out were that road signs tended to not be in the place where you were supposed to make a turn.

Then came the GPS. My first TomTom had an actual hard drive with maps of the USA and Western Europe. This worked out pretty well. Then I got a solid state TomTom and this was even better. For the most part it got us to where we wanted to go.

Lately, I have downloaded the TomTom Italia APP for the iPhone. What is good about this is the fact that they update the maps almost every quarter, and you do not need to use cellular data to navigate.


In this photo, I am navigating up to MT Etna. You get a feeling of how the ride is going This is from the iPhone APP.


Browse map feature from the iPhone. Note this is rural to desolate countryside.


Photo of the regular TomTom to give you an idea of what the maps look like.

Either way, this can make your trip much easier. The iPhone and regular TomToms are capable of giving you WALKING ROUTES and can help you find your way back to that hotel or parked car. I you are going to by doing more travel in Europe, get the TomTom Western Europe APP and that is all you might need to navigate. There is also an Eastern Europe set of maps available.

Greg Speck 2016