THE CERAMICS OF DERUTAView the creation of my favorite things to buy in Italy. Deruta in Umbria is worth a visit.


Deruta is one of the many cities in Italy that is know for its ceramics. In 2009 we started our trip in Umbria and made a special trip to view the many small and large ceramic factories that make this city famous.

Grazia, in Deruta is an old and famous producer of majolica which is a tin glazed earthenware which is glazed a second time.

You can finde out more by going to Itallian Pottery Journal

Grazia has a great site, at

It has both English and Italian translations

On the day we visited, we had the good fortune to hit at lunch time and Mr. Grazia gave us a tour of the facility. For his troubles we left most of our money with him as we found so many beautiful things to bring back to the US.

DSC_0726 - Version 2

The outside of the factory and store in Deruta.


If only we could afford the urns and have them shipped back.


It all starts with raw clay.


Raw items after first firing I believe.


Waiting for painting.


Mr. Ulbado Grazia with one of the many artists hand painting items.


Detail of the creation.


More painting


Another of the many designs of the


Besides the factory and retail store, there is a museum.


More on display.


Part of our order and the shipping documents. Can’t wait till we get these back in the US.


I spent all the money, can’t buy anything else.


Ciao, time to head to the Adriatic side.

Greg Speck 2016