Siena, Tosscana Italy

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SIena, Italy 8

Duomo, Siena , Italy

SIena, Italy 7

View from Torre del Mangia

SIena, Italy 3

The Tower, Sienna , Italy

SIena, Italy 5

The Tower and Campo, Sienna, Italy

SIena, Italy 1

Sienna, small shop

SIena, Italy 4

Sienna, Still Life

SIena, Italy 6

Piazza del Campo, Sienna, Italy

SIena, Italy 2

Il fruitto, Siena, Italy

Siena is a wonderful town. Pedestrian friendly and many things to see and do. Photos were taken with a Sony RX100 111 set with a watercolor filter. More phtos to follow.

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Morning Fog and Low Clouds add to the beauty of Siena


And the rains came, but it did not deter people. Quickly as it came, it left and the Campo was full of people again.


Sienna, rendering of hotel hallway

Morning clouds as we ride our bicycles into the Tuscan hills.

Greg Speck 2016