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Noto and Ragusa

Noto and Ragusa are two clasic small towns that are a must visit. Stroll the streets and stop at the parks, churches, and many wonderful ristorante in the tow towns. Parking is free and easy so take your car with out worry.

Traffic Jam?

When you drive in Italy, no telling what you may run in. Many times we have encountered cattle and sheep crossing the roads to pasture.

Festival time in Vieste. Dramatic portrayals of historical significance , Vieste is a small fishing town in the Apulia (Puglia) region of Italy, located on the most eastern part on the Gargano Peninsula. Known as the 'Pearl of Gargano', the town Looks out across the Adriatic Sea. It is hard to believe this quaint haven has such a violent past. Located in a strategic location, the town was often invaded by pirates and conquerors from all over the Mediterranean.During the 15th and 16th century the town was attacked by Turkish invaders. In the old section of the town there is a rock known as Chianca Amara (bitter stone), this is where thousands of local Christians were beheaded by the Turkish leader Rais Dragut in the 16th century. Pope Celestino V sought refuge in Vieste in 1295, after he was hunted by the newly appointed Pope Bonifacio VIII's secret police. It wasn't long before he was seized in town. He was taken to the fortress of Castel Fumone near Ferentino where he was confined. He would later die on the 19th May, 1296 behind the walls of the fortress.

The Opera of Verona. A fantastic outdoor venue to appreciate great opera and spectacles. We all sit down before sunset, and then as the sun sets, everyone lights candles in an old tradition

A Walk Through Melililli Sicily the sister city of Middletown Connecticut

A Walk Through Melililli Sicily the sister city of Middletown Connecticut


Erice Villiage in the Clouds. A tiny town up on the hillside where the fog rivals San Fransisco

The market place, Catania Sicily

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Ravenna Beach Punta Marina Italy


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